Spontaneous symmetry breaking without vacuum energy

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The contribution to the cosmological constant from spontaneous breaking of generic internal symmetries of classical fields is cancelled by constraining the part of the Lagrangian that is invariant under scale transformations. The constraint determines the dependence of the inertial coupling on the metric and the matter fields. For low energy density, this dependence is suppressed by quartic interaction terms of scalar fields in empty space. The absolute scale of the scalar field mass parameters and the canonical normalization of the matter fields are set by the inertial coupling in empty space. The mechanism uses an infinite sequence of auxiliary fields in a special series whose sum is defined by a linear and additive summation method. It is a loophole in the theorem that spontaneous breaking of the scale symmetry without vacuum energy requires fine–tuning. By introducing a Jordan–Brans–Dicke field, the Lagrangian is scale invariant in all spacetime dimensions.

On Hermes and the theft of Apollon’s cattle, picturehymn and book.



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